Livestock Nutrition

Grasshopper Alfalfa Cubes
High Quality Alfalfa Cubes - Fertilized and Weed Free
Exceptional feed for cattle and horses. High in protein and 3X the fiber and digestibility of range cubes and other high protein feeds.
Protein Avg 17%
Fiber Max 32%
Fat Min 1%
50 lb bag: $10


Cattle King

High quality grain and protein supplement for cattle. Compared to range cubes - Cattle King is higher in protein (24% vs. 20%) and higher in fat/energy (7% vs. 3%).
Ingredients: Dried Distillers Grain
Protein, not less than 24%
Fat, not less than 10%
Fiber, not less than 7%
50 lb bag: $9.06

Multi Purpose Livestock Feed
High quality grain mix (not cube or pellet) suitable for most livestock. All natural ingredients derived from Corn, Rice and Soybean products.
Ingredients: Rice Bran, Distillers Grain, Mill Feed, Corn Gluten, Corn Screenings
Protein, not less than 12%
Fat, not less than 2%
Fiber, not less than 16%
50 lb bag: $7.31



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