Round Bales at the Sharp Ranch

One of our goals at the Sharp Ranch is to offer quality hay to ranchers and horseman at a reasonable price. Throughout the 2005 and 2006 drought, we lowered our profit margins and provided a free delivery service to those in Northeast Texas. We are currently sending the majority of our hay to Alabama, Georgia, and Tennessee to assist those in the 2007 drought.

Our hay is from our ranch in Hagansport TX, and hay fields in Arkansas and Louisiana. We sell 10,000 to 15,000 rolls per year. We understand the strain that 'high dollar hay' puts on your ranch and do our best to offer affordable options.


Quality Hay

We primarily sell 4X5 Net Wrapped Round Bales (900-1000 lbs) and Small Square Bales (60 lbs). We offer 2 grades of Round Bales: Mid Grade - Coastal and Alecia Bermuda with Native (Orchard, Fescue, Crab, Dallis, Johnson, etc.) Grass w/few weeds and High Grade - Pure Coastal and Alecia Bermuda Grass no weeds. Our Square Bales consist of Heavily Fertilized, Weed Free, Horse Quality, Bermuda Grass.

  • Round Bales - Mid Grade: $25/roll

  • Round Bales - High Grade: $30/roll

  • Small Square Bales - Horse Quality: $6/bale

Delivery Available- We deliver with 18 wheelers and 1 ton pickups w/flatbed goosenecks. We can haul between 22 and 40 Round Bales at a time. Our average load is 38 rolls. Our rate is $2 per mile. We have a 200 bale minimum for Small Square Bale orders. Exceptions are made in some situations.

Hay Hauling - We offer a Hay Hauling service for your personal hay transportation needs as well. Our rate is $2.50 per loaded mile for 18 wheelers and $2 per mile for flatbed goosenecks.

Is our hay good for horses?

This question is asked every day - so I decided to address it on our website. It depends on your horse and their current diet. I personally feed my horses mid grade round bales and grain. Some horses will have trouble with mid grade hay, especially if they have been raised on an 'all alfalfa' or 'high dollar hay' diet.

In addition, I personally feel that the term 'horse hay' refers to the handling of the hay and not the quality. For example: cow hay (round bales) is stored in the field for part or most of the season, while horse hay (square bales) is picked up in the field immediately after bailing and stored in barns on top of pallets.

Liquid Fertilizer

At the Sharp Ranch, we also sell and apply liquid fertilizer and herbicide. Our most popular fertilizer is GRASSHOPPER - Advanced Liquid Fertilizer. This fertilizer will work faster and requires less water than commercial granular fertilizer. It is designed for hay production. Applied price range $25-$35 per acre. Concentrated mix is also available. We ship to all US States.

We can add 2, 4-D to our application for additional $6 per acre or Grazon for an additional $11 per acre.

For more information on GRASSHOPPER, Please click on our Liquid Fertilizer page.

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