Active the next day - without rain

Grasshopper is an advanced, technical grade, water soluble fertilizer designed for high quality hay and crop production. Grasshopper is absorbed thru the leaf making nitrogen and nutrients available immediately without rain.

30-8-10 , 42-0-0 , 19-19-19 , 10-52-2 , 8-14-30 (5.4 S)

Custom Blends Available




By using Grasshopper Liquid Fertilizer, I was able to cut my fertilizer bill from last year by 75% and the yield remained the same. I have seen the results first hand and would highly recommend this product to anyone wanting to maximize production.
David Eddings - Ag Teacher and Rancher

We used Grasshopper 9-15-30 on our soybeans this year. Within 2 weeks, we were able to see a dramatic increase in the tap and feeder roots. There was also a significant increase in nodulation. The Grasshopper soybeans yielded 8 bushels per acre more than the non-sprayed section. This resulted in an additional $83 dollar return per acre for a cost of only $25. It pays to use Grasshopper.
Garland Farms

I am a Commercial Applicator. Grasshopper Liquid Fertilizer has become our most popular choice of fertilizer. This product is easy to mix and works well with herbicide. I have not seen a product that will go to work immediately and improve plant color without rain - until Grasshopper.
JE Minoletti - Minoletti and Sons Fertilizer and Application

I have used Grasshopper this past year on our Bermuda hay fields with great results. We raise and market high quality Bermuda horse hay. When using Grasshopper Liquid Fertilizer - we noticed that the hay had better texture, smell, and color. We were also able to cut our fertilizer cost without losing quality or production of hay.
Duffy Breaux - D&K Farms



What is GRASSHOPPER - Advanced Liquid Fertilizer?

GRASSHOPPER is an advanced foliar fertilizer. It is used most often in hay fields, cattle pastures, row crops, gardens, and yards.

How does GRASSHOPPER work?

GRASSHOPPER is a foliar fertilizer. This means that the fertilizer is absorbed into the grass directly. This bypasses the soil completely allowing the fertilizer to become effective the next day. Your soil quality is less relevant when using GRASSHOPPER. This is because the necessary ingredients have bypassed your soil. The physical weight of GRASSHOPPER per acre is much less than granular. Compare this to taking cold medicine for 2 weeks and then finally going to the doctor to get a shot/injection. The shot produces results quicker and more effectively similar to GRASSHOPPER. GRASSHOPPER has an activity period of 4 weeks.


1 cut hay - wait 1 week

2 apply GRASSHOPPER once a good stand of grass or leaf is established - wait 3-4 weeks

3 cut hay again

What type of grass or crop is GRASSHOPPER designed for?

GRASSHOPPER is great on all summer and winter grasses, row crops, and garden fruits and vegetables - anything needing nitrogen or micronutrients.

How to Mix?

GRASSHOPPER is mixed best in a sprayer equipped with a circulator or agitator. Fill tank 75% full with water. Slowly pour mix into tank with circulator/agitator running. GRASSHOPPER will mix instantly in the water. We recommend mixing 1 bag per 20-33 gallons of water. If your tank is not equipped with a circulator/agitator, GRASSHOPPER can be mixed easily in a bucket of barrel and the added to your tank.

Recommended Concentration - suitable in most conditions

100 gallon - 3.5 bags- 7 acres

200 gallon - 7 bags - 14 acres

300 gallon - 10 bags - 20 acres

500 gallon - 17 bags - 34 acres

Maximum Concentration - suitable in cooler conditions

100 gallon tank - 5 bags - 10 acres

200 gallon tank - 10 bags - 20 acres

300 gallon tank - 15 bags - 30 acres

500 gallon tank - 25 bags - 50 acres

Is GRASSHOPPER - Advanced Liquid Fertilizer safe for animals?

Yes, GRASSHOPPER can be applied while cows and horses are in the pasture.

Does GRASSHOPPER  require surfactant/sticker when applied?

No, GRASSHOPER is absorbed quickly (15-30 minutes) and easily into the plant leaf.

Can herbicide be added to GRASSHOPPER?

Yes, GRASSHOPPER works great with herbicide. When the two are combined, surfactant is no longer needed for the herbicide.

When should GRASSHOPPER be applied?

GRASSHOPPER should be applied when your field or pasture has a good stand of grass. This is because GRASSHOPPER is absorbed thru the grass of leaf.


If you have a good stand of ryegrass in April and apply GRASSHOPPER, the ryegrass will benefit greatly but not your Bermuda grass. This is because the Bermuda must have good stand to absorb to the fertilizer.

At what rate should GRASSHOPPER be applied?

GRASSHOPPER should be applied at a rate of 1 bag per 2 acres. This rate is designed for row crop and hay production. The rate can be changed up or down as desired. Do not apply 1 bag per acre - This can be too much nitrogen to absorb in one application and might burn your crop. If a stronger rate is desired, we recommend applying the standard amount (1 bag per 2 acres) once and then a second time in 2 weeks.

Is GRASSHOPPER available in custom blends?

Yes. GRASSHOPPER is available in a variety of custom blends designed for individual crops.

GRASSHOPPER                                  vs.                                GRANULAR

Becomes active the next day                                                     Requires rain to become active

Fertilizes grass                                                                            Fertilizes soil

Soil quality less relevant                                                             Soil test necessary

Fertilizer bypasses soil                                                               Fertilizer often caught/wasted in soil

Cost $20-$30 per acre                                                               Cost $60-$100 per acre

Can be mixed w/ herbicide                                                        Herbicide requires a 2nd application

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Grasshopper is sold by more than 75 Dealers and Feed Stores throughout the US. Contact your Regional Sales Office to locate a Dealer in your area or to obtain information on becoming a Dealer.

West Coast Sales 888-870-9212 ex 806

Midwest Sales 870-217-3461

South Central Sales (TX & LA) 903-537-4501

Southeast Sales 865-640-1501

For all other areas - Contact:
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